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Preparing You For Successful Puppy Transitioing

* MOST IMPORTANT to purchase BEFORE your puppy comes home **


Puppies need special nutrition.

These Provide VITAL nutrients your puppy NEEDS and give you optimal health & boost immunity for the Longest- Healthiest life possible.   Use as a ‘treat’ – They love it! 

  • NuVet sells lots of wonderful products, check them out after you add the wafers to your cart.​​ The wafers are MOST important!

    • I personally LOVE and use the oatmeal conditioning shampoo, it is the yellow bottle.  My next favorite is the puppy shampoo. Both are ok to use, just don't get the yellow one it in the puppies eyes.​

  • Click the link OR Call 800-474-7400, reference #78420 NOT AVAILABLE online, only through a Vet or Certified Breeder

    • When you purchase using our kennel code, you are helping us get discounts on products we buy from them, so THANK YOU!


PUPPY - High Prairie

We highly recommend you avoid chicken by product and cheap kibbles.  We have tried many brands over the years and have found one that works well with our breed.  Ear infection, skin irritation and other problems can arise from fillers in kibbles and from chicken.  It is so important to keep your puppy on a well balanced diet.  Taste Of The Wild can be purchased at most pet stores, Tractor Supply and online.  You will get a sample bag in your free Gotcha Day bags.

If you switch do it under your vets advice and slowly so that you do not upset your puppies digestive system.


ACTIVATE WITHIN 24HRS of getting your puppy!

With a Kel's Tails puppy, you receive 30 days of free pet insurance and no waiting period! Be sure to activate your package before the 24hr mark to avoid the waiting period clause.  Your info will be in your folder on Gotcha Day.


  • Food and water bowls: (Stainless Steel Food and Water Dish ) Avoid plastic & ceramic which can leach into the food/water


PLEASE Be sure to microchip

ID tag with name and phone number

Crate or kennel - Your puppy will only need enough space to sleep while training. This isn’t ‘cruel’ but actually gives your puppy comfort like a ‘den’ once they adjust to it and are successful potty training, you can increase their space.  It helps to find a kennel that has a divider you can remove as the puppy grows.


  • Clickers for clicker training if this is what you plan to do

  • Paper towels & spot cleaner   - for accidents (see cleaner above)

  • Teething toys

  • Puppy treats – CHECK INGREDIENTS!- NO sweeteners, fillers, NO raw hide or imported treats! 


Good puppy books - some suggestions:

  • The Puppy Playbook (Ebook is Included in your puppy purchase and with your training package from Good Dog.

  • How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves by Sophia Yin

  • The Dog Listener - by Jan Fennel

  •  How to Raise the Perfect Dog Through Puppyhood and Beyond - by Cesar Millan

  • The Puppy Primer - Pat McConnell's

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