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Guardian & Co-Ownership



From time to time we are looking for Guardian homes for the exceptional puppy in a litter.  The beauty of this plan is that one of our babies gets a personal home while allowing us to continue to improve our line to meet breed standards.  This is a win/win situation for those that desire a quality Doodle or Poodle. They get the opportunity of a lifetime without the initial cost and the puppy receives a forever home and family. We also have older dogs at times that are house trained and ready to be the perfect companion. ​

When we partner together with a guardian, we look for someone local to one of our locations in DFW or Shreveport, LA.  It is important that we communicate regularly, that the dog stays in a safe environment, is well groomed and health checked on schedule.  We cover all breeding expenses while any regular maintenance is covered by the guardian.  We usually only breed a female up to three times and reward families with cash bonuses or deals on a future offspring. Stud co-ownership opportunities exist as well and are easier for some families because the male dog only leaves for a few days at time versus on a female 8 weeks a year.  More details can be found in a guardian contract or discussed by reaching out to us. 

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