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Puppies & Waiting Lists

  •  All puppies are sold as PETS only and do not include BREEDING rights.  

  • When we choose to work with approved breeders, a contract and additional fee will apply. 

  • Pricing is locked in upon an approved application & deposit received.  

  • Pricing is subject to change.  

  •  Any discount or promotion must be listed and approved on application.

  • Earlier picks are priced higher, discounts are offered from time to time, message us about current specials 

Current pricing is $2,500 for all puppies with the exception of the following:

"Warhawk" Standard Poodle priced at $5,000

Standard Poodle 
Currently enrolled in a 6 week board and train program and will be offered as a future potential service dog.  He will finish his first phase of training and be offered for sale in December.  He can be considered for a pet home as well. Ask us about reserving him today.  His progress reports are in the slides below.

"Pooh Bear"
Mini Goldendoodle
This sweet boy is the family favorite.  He was overlooked in his litter but he is the most observant puppy.  He loves cuddles, is pretty confident and is eager to learn.  He is the largest in the litter and expected to be close to 40lbs.  He is ready now! Apply today and snatch him quick.

The portrait of a graceful white Standard Poodle dog (Scandinavian lion show clip) posing


Standard Poodles

Our standard poodle puppies make excellent service and therapy animals. They are loyal and intelligent, making them easy to train. They are also affectionate and enjoy human companionship, making them great for those who need emotional support. Standard poodles are also known for their low shedding coats and hypoallergenic qualities, making them ideal for those with allergies. Lastly, they are energetic and always up for a good game of fetch

Standard Goldendoodles

The Goldendoodle is a hypoallergenic and family-friendly breed that is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. They are loyal, intelligent and have a great temperament, making them perfect for a family pet. Goldendoodles are highly trainable and love to learn new tricks. They make amazing comfort, therapy and service animals.  Their curly coat is low-shedding and allergy-friendly, making them a great choice for those with allergies. Goldendoodles also have a strong athletic build and love to be active.

Golden Doodle dog offers a paw to shake



Multigen Standards 50-60lbs

Expected Birth: December 31st, 2023

Go Home Date: March 1st, 2024

Miniture goldendoodle on his best manners already at 8 weeks old


Gracie x Louie

1 opening - Ready Now!!


Maizie x TBD

Expected March 2024 / Go Home May 2024

Mini - Med Goldendoodles

This miniature Goldendoodle is the perfect pet for any family! The small size of this breed makes it a great companion for children and adults alike. They are loyal and loving, and their beautiful red curly coats will be sure to turn heads. Goldendoodles are intelligent, active, and great with other pets and people. They are easy to train and make an excellent addition to any home.  We produce a variety of colors from white to red shades and all patterns.

Mini - Med Australian Labradoodles

This miniature Australian Labradoodle is a small, hypoallergenic, designer breed that originates from Australia. This breed is known for its intelligence and friendly nature, making it an ideal companion for an active family. The miniature Australian Labradoodle has a low-shedding, fleece coat that requires regular brushing and grooming. It is very adaptable and enjoys being involved in activities with its owners. With its outgoing personality and loving nature, this breed is sure to bring joy and happiness into any home.

Adorable dark brown Labradoodle pup ready to please his owner

None planned at this time

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