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All parents are health tested.  All of our owned breeders have panels available on Embark.  We also use OFA and our partnered or hired studs use other companies for testing as well.  

Breeding rights MAY be available upon request for selected breeding programs and for an additional fee.  Otherwise puppies are sold as pets only. 

At Kel's Tails, we truly believe our breeding and rearing methods are second-to-none. Our selection of parents are unrivaled, with a variety of pedigrees, ages and dispositions. From calm and cuddly to energized and playful, we have it all.



Roe Roe Auggie girl (60lbs) is from Honey and Alidar. She is a F1b and will be paired to produce multigenerational standard goldendoodles.  She lives with a wonderful guardian family in Shreveport.  We are excited about the puppies she will bring to the program Fall  2022! She will be paired with a red and white stud and produce solid and abstract red . white puppies.


Bonnie Labella Aka Maizie is from our Rose and Chase litter. She is a f1bb and is around 37lbs, lives with her guardian in Shreveport who says she has the most loyal temperament of any dog she's owned. With her gorgeous markings we are excited to see beautiful mini's produced with her.  She is paired with Quigley, a tuxedo red and white stud and will produce multigenerational golden doodle puppies around 30lbs. We expect abstract, tuxedo and some parti's. All Red shades! Our litter is due in July!



Rosie is our loyal beauty! She is a 45lb standard poodle and a distant cousin to our Papi boy! She is the most dedicated dog we have.  She will love you forever if given the chance.  She is paired with a mini golden doodle stud, Chase to produce parti and tuxedo red / white puppies ranging from 30-35lbs.  She is approaching Retirment and we are casually looking for the perfect family nearby to share her with.  


Honey Doo Bear is our 50lb cuddle bear! She lives with a guardian in Monroe and serves as a comfort dog in his therapy program for patients experiencing trauma.  She is so gentle and sweet! Her puppies take after her excellent temperament.  We will pair her with the perfect stud to match her temperament and offer therapy, service and comfort dogs.  These will be medium sized, around 40lbs.


PORSHA - STANDARD POODLE - retiring 2022

Porsha is the most amazing dog, she is so well behaved we call her the snob of the bunch.  She is wise beyond her doggie years but so kind and playful when appropriate.  She is the perfect poodle which is why we love producing standard poodles with her and Papi.  She has only been paired with our very own stud as they are the perfect couple and sweetest together.  They produce a lot of colors, patterns of parti and abstracts. She is close to 50lbs and her puppies will average 50lbs at maturity.

BENTLEY - LABRADOODLE - retiring 2022

Doodle bug girl is our playful, sweet spirited Labradoodle. She is close to 50lbs and lives in Lake Charles with her dog mom and human mom! When her mother, Heidi retired she got to go with her.  We love those endings in our mommas careers.  We pair Bentley with a mini Australian Labradoodle to produced our most desired coats, those gorgeous fleece teddy bears! They average 35-45lbs. Her last litter will be the Summer of 2022!



Posey Bear (f2b) is from our Honey and Murphy line.  She is a 60lb big beautiful and super sweet girl.  She also lives with her dog momma, Honey and her humans who are training her as a comfort dog in their practice.  We love seeing her living her best life and growing up with the best example ever, our sweet Honey Bear.  She will have her first litter the Summer of 2022! 


ELLIE girl is from our Rose and Chase line of Goldendoodles.  She lives with a therapist who is her guardian momma.  She has the sweetest temperament and is learning to be a comfort dog while living in Monroe.  She will be producing mini goldendoodles late 2022! 

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