Standard Poodle Stud service available


AKC #PR20460703

CKC #PD05199471

Papi Is a great stud option if you are looking for a variety of colors.  He has produced white, cream, apricot, silver beige, blue, phantom, tri - colors, browns and shades in between.  He has genetic results available on the Embark button below his picture.  He has also had testing done with OFA for his hips and elbows.  All of his DNA and x-rays are clear. He also has the best temperament , is around 50lbs and has healthy & very active sperm that has always produced large litters.




  • We have 2 Standard Poodles available. Papi & Artic.

  • We are currently offering shipped temperature controlled semen for an additional $250. We ship overnight using a shipmate container with an extender for optimal service. 

  • We also offer natural breeding on our location, $1,500. We offer a payment option for AKC registered Poodles.

  • We board and keep the female for up to 3 days during her fertile season of the cycle. We recommend Progesterone testing before dropping the female off for servicing.  

  • Our Stud service comes with litter support, guidance with whelping, advertising & we help place puppies.

    • Some of these services are only offered to select breeders.

We love building great relationships with other families and can help customize services to meet your needs. 




Artic Blast

AKC #PR20468904

CKC #PD05156908

Artic Blast is our newest addition.  He is an excellent choice for Doodle or Poodle breeders.  For doodles he produces great coats with first generation crosses.  The puppies we have had with him have not had any shedding.  He carries cream and red.  He is DNA tested with Wisdom Panel and clear for all genetic diseases.  OFA testing is pending.  Test results are available and in the process of being transferred from prior owner.  He has sired with Butter and photo's of those puppies are available under our Labradoodle section. 


Artic is health tested with a different company that another breeder used prior to us having him.  Proof of Cleared disease testing and color/coat traits is available upon request.