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Making your puppy dreams come true!

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We can't wait to make your Poodle & Doodle dreams come true! Reach out to us and let's get you started on your fur-ever journey!

(601) 645-2295

Standard Poodles are intelligent and the easiest of breeds to train.
OFA provides optimum testing to ensure ethical breeding in dog programs.
DNA testing is done on all of the dogs at Kel's Tails
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Christian family producing well socialized and intelligent poodles and doodles.  Delivering them across the USA and locally in Arlington, TX.


An Honest Dog Breeder

Kel's Tails is a well-known Dog Breeder now located in Arlington, TX (with partnered guardians that whelp for us in Shreveport, LA and soon other areas nationwide.  We travel and deliver our puppies allowing us to see our canine family all across the US.  We are proud of the dogs we have produce and have met over 200 families since we began!   As a homeschooling family involved in ministry we enjoy the opportunities of seeing new places and meeting new people.   


We also run a nonprofit Christian ministry and have pastored in LA but our calling back to our homeland of DFW Texas is where our hearts have rooted.   We enjoy getting to know each family we encounter as we know we are giving you a small piece of our heart when giving you one of our fur babies.


Our main priority is ensuring the health and well-being of all our dogs. Our parent dogs are all tested for genetic health conditions, as well as temperament and structure analyzed. This is so we can produce the best puppies possible! We have worked with trainers and families to produce amazing service animals and therapy dogs.  Our vision is to one day incorporate our program into a ministry to service the elderly and handicap.

We raise our puppies (and parents) in our home (never in kennels) while exposing them to different sights, sounds and situations to best prepare them for the rest of their life.  We introduce them to crates and start them on potty training in a litter environment. Some of our puppies go home and easily transition to potty training because they have been raised in a very clean and structured environment. We partner with guardian families to help us not compromise the quality of life in our canines.

We have many reviews that speak for our ethical practices and amazing dogs.  Be sure to visit our page with testimonials from professionals and families. 

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