Belle x Papi

F1 Labradoodles

Born February 2nd


This pairing was based upon the excellent temperaments of both of these dogs.  They are the calmest and smartest we have had.  We expect a beautiful variety of chocolate, cream, black and maybe some surprise colors.  These should have easier to maintain coats for a doodle.  

Sandy x Papi

F1b Labradoodles 

Next litter expected February 2020


Sandy and Papi puppies !  These are beautiful F1B Labradoodles. These are 75% Standard Poodle, 25% Labrador Retriever. They will likely have curly, non shedding coats. Together, they give us beautiful colors of apricot, parti, phantom , black and creams.

Butter x Artic F1 

F1 Labradoodles 


This sire has a double curl gene, producing excellent coats

Next litter expected May 2020

This is our 2nd and last mating with these two and we are excited to see fluffy, cream colored Doodles.  These will be very large, weighing up to 100lbs.  So far the last puppies produced from these two have had minimal shedding without losing any Labrador characteristics.  Here is one of their previous pups who is still growing!

Butter is 100lb Yellow Lab.

Artic is a 70lb cream Poodle

Deposits are $300

Please note our prices may increase after puppies are born depending on coat and personality traits.  To lock in the current price, you'll need an approved application and a deposit. We will accept up to 6 deposits in advance.

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