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Goldendoodle Puppies Are Here!!

 All puppies are sold as PETS only and do not include BREEDING rights.  When we choose to work with approved breeders, a contract and additional fee will apply.

*January 2023

UPCOMING LITTERS - waiting lists are open- Dates are expected due date 

June 20th 2023

Mini Goldendoodles (25-35lbs) REDS

-Maizie x Quigley

July 1st 2023

Standard Poodles (50lbs) Multi COLOR

-Porsha x Papi 

August 2023

Standard Poodles (55-65lbs)

-Indie x Papi

August 2023

Australian Labradoodle (25-35lbs)

-Mabel x TBD

November 2023

Large Standard Goldendodles (65+lbs)

-Auggie Roe x TBD




Our most popular line is our REDS! We expect some solid, tuxedo & parti patterns.  These should not shed or cause typical allergy flare ups.

We have several pairings planned. See our parents in the gallery.



We are especially proud our poodle lines. They have a calm, loving personality, so smart and are extremely easygoing. They produce gorgeous babies, lot's of colors and patterns. Most importantly, we breed for temperament and have many of our poodles go on to be service animals, some have been able to detect seizures, provide stability support to handicap clients and so much more!




Our gorgeous line of standard goldendoodles come from a wonderful background.  Our Honey Bear who has produced puppies with the most gentle temperments, some who have gone on to be comfort or therapy dogs.  These sweet puppies will never disappoint and will always be your friend! Colors expected are cream to red.




We are especially proud of our Bentley x Charleston line..  Australian Labradoodles are the original Labradoodle originating from Australian, not to be confused with the Aussiedoodles.  These have testing done in the lines to produce the most desired coats which are soft, silky and just like a teddy bear.

 They have a calm, loving personality and are extremely easygoing. This pairing produces browns, creams, black and patterns of tuxedo and parti. 

We are excited about the new size of mini's produced from this line.  With careful downsizing, genetic testing we are expecting 25-35lb puppies 2023!

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