Heidi x Papi Doodles

F1b Labradoodles

Heidi came from a breeder who had kenneled her throughout her lifetime. We soon realized her need to be loved in a special way. She had a great temperment but due to a lack of early socialization and attention as a puppy, she was shy. Although this was only her 2nd litter (our 1st), we wanted to give her the best life possible.  She is now retired with one of our guardian pups from her litter, Bentley! Her human momma has been a great blessing and we are excited to see more puppies from her bloodline.  Heidi has found her forever family, that fills our hearts with great joy.


Her outgoing, playful puppy Bentley will be a great addition to the program late 2020, early 2021.

Sweet Bentley

puppies coming soon