Honey x (Alidar) - F1b Standards

60lbs average

Next open list will be for February 2021

This list has 2nd pick open

Rosie x Chase - F1bb Mini's

40lbs average

Expected Due date August 17th

This list is full with 7 reserved. Follow Facebook for our birth announcement.

Honey Doo Bear


Honey has the sweetest nature of all of our dogs. She is CKC registered, her Sire is a Standard Poodle and Dam a Golden Retriever. 

Weight: 55lbs

color: cream

Genetic panel clear and available, click he link.



We chose this stud and to and to work with another breeder because he is first of all simply gorgeous! We wanted to breed for red coloring paired of course with excellent temperament.  He is around 65lbs and still growing! He has passed his DNA health testing and that can be provided upon request.  His breeder uses a different company than us. We are excited to produce some amazing Doodles with him!

Chase is a gorgeous Goldendoodle (photo on left is as a puppy, on right is now).  He has a sweet and playful temperament.  DNA panel available upon request from his breeder.

Weight: 25lbs

Color: Red

Breed: Mini Multigen Goldendoodle

OFA Hips: Pending

OFA Elbows: Pending

Genetic Disease Panel: Clear

Furnishings: F/IC


Rosie, our Standard Poodle is our leader in the pack, at least she thinks so!  She is very smart and has a calm temperament. 

Weight: 55lbs

Color: Apricot abstract

OFA heart: Pending

OFA eyes: Pending

Genetic disease panel:

Clear and available click the lnk.