Puppies & adult dogs available for guardian homes


From time to time we are looking for Guardian homes for the exceptional puppy in a litter.  The beauty of this plan is that one of our babies gets a personal home while allowing us to continue to improve our line to meet breed standards.  This is a win/win situation for those that desire a quality Doodle or Poodle. They get the opportunity of a lifetime without the initial cost and the puppy receives a forever home and family. We also have older dogs at times that are house trained and ready to be the perfect companion.  


At times we may place one of our retired breeding dogs into a home that can offer them an exceptional life.  My goal is to find loving homes that can offer love, attention and give them an active, happy lifestyle .

These are programs we offer unselfishly to help insure our dogs are never "kennel dogs" but live the wonderful lives they deserve.  Our dams love motherhood, it fulfills a God given instinct and being able to give them the best of both worlds is a pleasure to us and the families we work with.